Paula Lerzak

Partner, Indianapolis, IN


Paula Lerzak’s career spans product development, professional services, and marketing across both consumer and enterprise segments. Her experience at directing cross-functional teams, including sales, marketing, and technical players, has left her more than prepared to find the perfect management candidate in any of those fields.

Paula began her career at Apple Computer, where, as a product management specialist, she helped introduce the LaserWriter. Then, in her role as National Services Manager at Forsythe Solutions, she managed 40 technical consultants and generated $1.2 million in gross product margin. Paula has also managed marketing communications and business development for several other corporations. Along the way, she has built many successful teams comprising combinations of sales, marketing, and technical players.

Paula’s recent search work includes a focus on technology and marketing roles in CPG as well as mobile software, services, and consumer electronics. A California native and seasoned Silicon Valley insider, Paula currently works in our Chicago office.  She holds a BA from UC Santa Barbara. Key Practice Areas:  Consumer, Enterprise, Technology, Marketing, Design

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