Bill Firing

Partner, San Francisco, CA

A veteran advertising and marketing executive with the world’s leading technology brands, Bill Firing is experienced across a broad range of strategy, marketing and creative disciplines most often required to help both emerging and established business grow.

Across his career, Bill has had a relentless desire to attract the most curious, ambitious and innovative talent.   Bill focuses on digital, marketing and analytics strategy talent across the technology and marketing services industries.

Bill served as Senior Partner at global advertising and marketing agency Ogilvy Group where he helped architect the digital and business consulting unit in North America and later led global marketing strategy engagements with IBM, Cisco Systems and SAP.  He also held other senior agency roles in working with both emerging and established brands.  He began his career in data analytics and business intelligence.

Bill has placed executives in both marketing services agencies as well as technology firms.  He holds a BA from Indiana University and an MPA from The American University in Washington, DC.  An avid traveler, Bill has also spent considerable time working throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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