Our Advantage

No delegation

Candidates are selected and developed by our partners, never by associates. So the person pitching you our business is the person who’ll roll up his or her sleeves for your search.


With a small, highly focused and knowledgeable team, we can turn on a dime. You won’t have to explain yourself at a string of meetings; we’ll either “get” your search right away, or politely decline. If we do engage, we’ll quickly present a shortlist of well-screened candidates.

Better candidates

The partner you’ll work with has an inside knowledge of your industry. He or she understands the capabilities that will supercharge your business goals, and will work every angle to find the right fit. We aim for the wow factor: candidates that move the needle.

Industry Knowledge

Not one of our partners is just a recruitment specialist. Instead, they’re all experts in individual, high-demand fields where search plays a crucial role. So they bring insights and networks a pure recruitment specialist can’t match.

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