Apr 04, 2012 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on 8 Resume Rules to Live By

8 Resume Rules to Live By

1. Be beautiful. Nice formatting, fonts, appropriate use of bolding and colors (if you have to). Don’t let your resume look like a cheesy eBay offer. It should look like an Apple brochure.

2. If you go all ‘fancy pants’ on your resume and put it into a horizontal or highly-formatted look, be sure the contact info like your phone number is easy to read. Not horizontal or on page 3, for example.

3. For that matter, be sure you have contact info — email and phone (your mobile) — on the resume!

4. Add your town but not your address. We can no longer depend on area codes to accurately reflect where a person resides. Relo may not be part of the deal, that’s one of many reasons we need to know where you live.

5. You do not have to add every single thing you ever did, every job you ever had. Don’t hide things but for example, nothing 15 years ago can be that relevant.

6. Never fib on titles, tenure, degrees, etc. We check. And you get DQ’d if there’s a big enough discrepancy. Big enough can’t be defined accurately so play it safe.

7. Format professionally. If English is a second language or if grammar isn’t your thing, ask someone or pay someone to help you.

8. You can keep some personality on the resume by adding your passion for sports or the arts but be careful– with all that triathlete training and volunteering, we might wonder where a career fits in the hierarchy.


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