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Avoiding the Long Goodbye

Tips for Graceful Exits when Moving On to New Job

So now that you have landed your dream job,  the excitement quickly subsides when you realize this means you must give notice to your current boss.  First rule of thumb, no long goodbyes please.  It is not wise to stick around longer than necessary to properly transfer over your responsibilities.  And no worries if you are asked to leave immediately.  This should not be taken personally and could be a big benefit when trying to ramp-up for your new exciting adventure. 

Secondly, having worked with many candidates through this process, the most important aspect  of moving on is to not burn bridges.  You never know who your new colleague will be and this could be career damaging down the road.  So, pave the way for the next person in the job, leave projects in good order and over-communicate the status so nothing is left dangling.

Lastly, this is surprisingly overlooked, stay in touch!   Keep the door open for communication throughout your departure and  reach out shortly after you begin  your new gig.   We all look to previous bosses and colleagues for networking opportunities and  possibly a reference.

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