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Candidates: Phone Interview Tip #4

Silence is Golden!

A clear connection is paramount to the success of any phone screen, yet it’s the number one thing candidates overlook when setting appointments with recruiters and hiring managers.

The issue is not that most calls today are from cell phones rather than land lines, it’s where people are taking those calls and the surrounding environment that is the problem.  If I’m hearing crying babies, barking dogs, someone’s conversation in the passenger seat, kids in the backseat, the cacophony of subway, train or street noise, the beep of trucks backing up, or the sounds of a wind storm coming through your phone —  you’re not really available.

The conversation may sound crystal clear on your end while it’s a complete disaster on the other.  This misstep telegraphs that you’re not prepared for the interview and can lead to the end of line because we cannot hear what you are saying.  Some hiring manager or recruiters are gracious about rescheduling, for most it’s the added sin of disrespect for the other person’s time and a total deal breaker.

Tip:  You control when the appointment is set – after all you’re the one being asked for your availability.  Pick a day and time when you can take the call in a controlled setting like your parked car (sans talking passengers), conference room, office, quiet room in the house, etc.

We know you’re working and appreciate how challenging it is sometimes to arrange these calls.  We would rather take a call with you early morning or evening if you can’t make proper arrangements during the day than waste each other’s time.

Let us know you’re worst background noise experience and join us next week for the final tip in our 5 part series on how to conduct an effective phone interview.

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