Sep 08, 2010 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on Confusing Activity with Results

Confusing Activity with Results

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Early on in my career, I had a great boss and mentor who would always say, “Don’t confuse activity for results”.  That has always been great advice and applicable to your resume and bio as well.

Great resumes speak to sales numbers, margins, patents, account wins–the language of business.  Writing performance reviews, managing relationships, maintaining something…maybe necessary but not that interesting in today’s stretched environment.

Today, employers want someone who will move the needle on the business.  They look at a past track record as a good indicator of what you’ll do for them.  ‘Brought in the Dell account’  ‘was responsible for 65% of the business this year’  ‘original member of the ipod team’  ‘turned the business unit profitable within 90 days’……  that’s the language that lands new roles these days.

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