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Dating Tips for Interviewing

It’s been said that the process of interviewing and accessing an opportunity is much like dating.  Both parties are getting to know each other and deciding on coupling their professional endeavors for a period of time.

Here a four key reminders for candidates:

  • First impressions are king.  Not matter the role, don’t underestimate the need to be liked.  Your resume will talk to your skills and experiences, but it’s your personal engagement style that will say “I like this person and I want work with them.”
  • Passion.  Don’t be afraid to genuinely demonstrate your interest and passion for the work, the product, and the business.  Everything starts – and ends – with this.
  • Don’t rush the details.   Your well-intended questions about flexible working hours and vacation allowance will appear petty and small if asked before the hiring manager is sold on your candidacy.  There is a time a place for everything.
  • Create a mutual value proposition.  At the end of the day, you are entering into a relationship which is best served when both folks understand each others needs.  Ask questions which reflect your interest in the role as well as understanding how the hiring manager would define success in the relationship – for both of you!  Make it a win-win.

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