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Do Outplacement Services Help?

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece this week on the value of outplacement services. Companies spend several thousands of dollars on these programs in a good faith effort to help their displaced employees get back on their feet.

Should you use these services?

Yes, absolutely. You probably won’t be able to negotiate cash in lieu of enrollment because they are sold as a package to a company, and that cash would end up being taxed anyway.

Expect to hear some great tips and techniques for your career search. Be wary of too much, “what color is my parachute”. If you are using this program, your parachute may be turning red. And, like group therapy, check yourself out before you start to connect too much with people who depress you. Misery may love company but no hiring manager loves misery.

If they aren’t coaching you on your personal brand, your digital identify and if Facebook and Linked In aren’t mentioned, you need much more help.

Many employees grow up expecting tuition reimbursement, company sponsored training and, in this case, a paid programs to help you find another job. Be sure outplacement is just one piece of your job search investment.

Be prepared to invest in yourself to update your skills, learn new ones, and ensure you have the right image to enhance your brand along with a killer resume. Consider investing in a resume writer, a coach or a personal branding guru if you lack the skills to do it yourself.

Finding a job requires a full time commitment of your time as well as a financial commitment.

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