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Does Your Resume Need Botox?

As you might imagine, I am asked all the time for feedback on resumes.  It’s tough to coach friends and family in the first place but my friends over 40 are impossible.  Has to be one page.  I need to cite that I programmed in Fortran when reptiles roamed the earth.  Dates are required in my profession.  And so it goes. 

Kelly Eggers has some great tips to bring your resume into current times….yeah, what’s with the home phone?  I don’t want to speak to your teenager, use your mobile number.  Your home address in the days of Zillow is oversharing, just list your city. And her best advice, get a legitimate email address.  I had one candidate who sent me mail on his wife’s account.  I repeatedly emailed him addressing him as Jane.  Jane or whatever his name was never got the job; in fact, he never got an interview.

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