Nov 23, 2011 | Post by: Paula Lerzak Comments Off on Enthusiasm Matters.

Enthusiasm Matters.

Recently, a hiring manager I was working with told me that the candidate had all of the required skills and experience but was lacking enthusiasm about the role, therefore he was a pass. In today’s world of the increasingly difficult landscape to land great talent, enthusiasm is high on the list of qualifications. Your enthusiasm will have a direct effect on the outcome of an interview, your work, and your relationships with those you work with. Here are a few ideas to help express enthusiasm in both your daily work and interviews for potential opportunities:

1- Passion, yes, passion. All hiring managers want to hire people who are passionate about their work so do what it takes to express your desire to make an impact. Prepare for that interview and show up with an awesome and current portfolio or slate of your work.

2- Turn passive to active.  Most of the candidates we work with today are ‘passive’ candidates- those that are gainfully employed and not actively pursuing opportunities.  Quite frankly, those are the ones we want to talk to.  Even though you may not be ‘looking’ for your next opportunity, this might be a good time to explore so go into an interview with a high level of motivation to get an offer.  Match your skills and experience with  examples of how you keep up with current trends, technologies, etc.

3- Leverage your recruiter. They can provide a wealth of knowledge about the company, competitors, company culture, etc. Highlight what you have learned during your interview.

4- Enthusiasm is not saying you want to be a Director or a VP. More and more companies are becoming less title-centric. Don’t concentrate on the title, concentrate on what you can bring to the organization to help them solve a problem.

Watch a young child try to master a new task or a dog catch a ball in the park—–they are full of enthusiasm every time. Draw on that inner-child (or inner dog!) and remember, enthusiasm matters.


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