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Genesys Works

Those of you who know me or follow our blog, know that I’m passionate about education and professional development.  Nothing is more depressing, as a recruiter, than to be asked for help by someone who’s not marketable in today’s global workforce.

Years ago, I had the honor of working with Rafael Alvarez at Compaq.  Rafael had a crazy, ‘do gooder’  idea about making inner city kids tech saavy and marketable.  I tried my best to encourage him to follow his vision.

Imagine my surprise when he sent me this Youtube video of him, in the front row, at the White House listening intently as one of his students talked about getting out of her rut and into a passionate high tech job as a High School student.

As a supporter of education, of pushing today’s youth to overachieve–no one knows better how highly competitive the global talent pool is than someone like myself–I was proud of Rafael’s accomplishments.

Then, as a supporter of the President, I proceeded to fall out of my chair when President Obama mentioned the company that Rafael founded–pinching myself–in a ceremony at the White House.

When you look back at your career, if one or two people you helped along the way turn out to be “Rock Stars”, you did all right.  Kudo’s Rafael, you ‘do gooder’!!

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