Aug 05, 2011 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on Hiring Like It's 1999

Hiring Like It's 1999

It’s an entertaining article, and hey, who doesn’t love free food?  But I’d argue that when you are in line at the Taco truck at Dreamforce, you’re more likely to be thinking about how bad your feet hurt or how good the guy in front of you looks in jeans than, “hey, maybe I could get a job at Appirio!”

What works in recruiting is hunting down who you want.  [Clue: most of the awesome talent is slaving away creating great stuff at their current employer.]  And then showing the love.  Zuckerberg may turn off people with his ‘creepy’ recruiting walks around the dish, but hey, Mark, I’m up for a hike anytime, call me.  And then pay me.  Handsomely.  And just maybe I’ll come work for you.

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