Nov 07, 2011 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on Insight into UX Careers

Insight into UX Careers

One of the toughest searches we do is for exceptional designers. Creating a compelling user experience has increasingly separated the winners from the losers in various industries.

The above link is, for the most part, a neat chart that maps out the roles, talent hot spots and more. We’re finding more of the roles are blurred, combining multiple disciplines.

As for salaries, these aggregated data points are frankly, not valid—increasingly there’s a greater separation between the average players and those in the top of their field. We’re seeing 1-2 year people in the $80K range if they are highly creative, have a strong portfolio and come out of a top school. Premiums are paid for consumer and mobile—as par for the course in the current market.

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