Jul 27, 2012 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on Interview Fashion Crisis #5 – Shoes

Interview Fashion Crisis #5 – Shoes

Guys & Gals: spend some money on your shoes. They matter.

Gals: I love my 5” heels, and agree with Bobbi Brown who said she feels on par with others when standing at a party, but you gotta leave them behind for interviews. 3” is the max and you better be able to walk very solidly in them. Remember, you are there to work, not work the runway.

Some final fashion words of wisdom from Rachel Roy, Creative Director at Rachel Roy (and quoted in the Wall Street Journal series I mentioned on Monday):

“Dress for the job you’d like to have, not for the job you currently have. Dress for the story that you’d like to have people know about you before you even open your mouth. And dress so that your taste level comes across, because people with impeccable taste also have impeccable intelligence.”


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