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Interview Prep: Four Things to Know

As a recruiter, I know first-hand how important it is for candidates to make a solid first impression in the interview process.  And perhaps the biggest mistake candidates make is focusing only on their own background.

Here are four things everyone should know before that first interview:

  1. Know your audience.  Take the time to understand the background of the people with whom you are meeting.  Understanding their tenure at the company and their past experiences will give you important context.
  2. Be current.  Research the latest news on the firm.  Have there been recent ‘wins’ or even challenges that have been in the trade press recently?
  3. Have a point of view.  While you need to be careful not to tread into contentious territory, it’s important to have a point of view of your industry.  Something to demonstrate that you have a handle on the future.
  4. Know yourself.  A sense of self-awareness is critical.  Candidates who are aware of whom they are and communicate a sense of knowing what they want is important and helps reduce risk before it even surfaces.

By taking the time to think through these four areas, a candidate will be able to have a rewarding interview experience.

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