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Interviewing Tips

Thoughts for the day on Interviewing:

1.       First impressions really do matter—-it’s simple:  look your best,  wear pressed, clean clothing.  Ladies—be sure you are comfortable ie; nothing pulling where it should not be!

2.       There are no ‘do-over’s’ in an interview—this is your turn to shine so use the time wisely to ensure you have provided excellent examples of your contributions in previous roles.

3.       Be on time—do a drive-by before hand to make sure you know where you are going, what the parking situation is like, etc.

4.       Preparation is crucial—Do your homework on the company, bring some ‘color’ to the conversation with real life examples of how you made an impact in your current and previous roles.

5.       Listen—this is where many interviews go awry.  Listening is key to properly answering the questions.

6.       Lastly,   do not be repetitive—-know when to stop talking!   This goes  hand-in-hand with listening however, often time nerves will set-in and the interviewee will not know when to stop.  If you have prepared your examples succinctly, this should not be a problem.

The search for the right candidate and the right opportunity must begin with an interview—make it your best ever!

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