Feb 23, 2011 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on Landing Talent in Today's Market

Landing Talent in Today's Market

Top technical talent continues to be in high demand—in fact, there are shades of 1999 when companies fought hard for talent and those that couldn’t bring in “A players” fast enough faded into the distance.

 Speed is key to competing for talent but that often makes hiring executives uncomfortable. 

The top performing talent magnets of technology no longer vet candidates for months.  They make speedy hiring decisions.  But make no mistake they do not take hiring decision lightly.  Rather, they prioritize interviews over staff meetings, one on ones, and all the other items that tend to fill a calendar.  They are well organized in the recruiting process with quick cycles on feedback and everyone having a specific role in the interview process. They know hiring requires both selling and buying.  And when they know what they want, they are prepared to pay for it.

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