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Landing Top Candidates in Today’s Market

As a recruiter, I am often asked by hiring managers at the start of a search, “What will it take to land a great candidate?”   My answer is simple:  Be active and smartly aggressive throughout the process.

Indeed, it’s the collective process that is so vital, and not just counting on a compelling offer at the end.  Quite frankly, if you lose the interest of the candidate along the way, your compelling offer becomes meaningless.

First, be actively engaged in the process.  If your need to fill the role is a priority, you must find a way to be engaged.  I find there is a natural rhythm to a successful search.  Remember, even the most passive of candidates often become active once they are approached with your compelling opportunity.

Delays on your end not only put doubt in the candidate’s mind about your role, but they open their eyes and ears to other opportunities.  In fact, I encourage hiring managers to take the same “lean forward” stance as they would expect top candidates to do in the process.

Yes, you will need to put forth a compelling offer at the end, but getting to that phase with a top candidate should be your first goal.

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