Mar 02, 2012 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on Lose the Job Description

Lose the Job Description

Increasingly over the last six months, we’ve been asked to find outstanding talent against a broad description.

While the job description or (I hate this word) ‘spec’ can sometimes very valuable in filling a specific gap created by someone’s departure or a specific problem that needs to be addressed, it is a ridiculous approach when you need to bring on eight or more people for a new project.

Headwinds may be against you depending on what industry you’re in. Talent is in short supply in mobile, e-commerce, cloud and consumer markets. Why over-constrain your hiring plans?

The best, most contemporary practice in building a team today is an intense scouting of great talent in a particular space. Find 3-6 people who look like they could make a great contribution and build around them. As you get to the last 25% of the hires, that’s the time to take a deep assessment of what you have, where the gaps are, and then get narrow and specific. That’s the time to put the ‘spec’ to use.

Building a team is an art form in the best of times. In the talent crunch we’re facing, it takes a masterful approach.

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