Feb 27, 2012 | Post by: Bill Firing Comments Off on Mind Your Brand – Online and Beyond

Mind Your Brand – Online and Beyond

There has been a lot written lately about managing your brand online during a job search – and it’s all quite valuable.  Today, our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles can say as much (if not more) about us than our resume ever will.  Understanding how to “clean-up” those profiles is important and there are several good resources to helps us.

I often suggest that candidate take a look at this quick list:  http://blog.jobfox.com/blog/5-ways-to-clean-and-manage-your-online-brand-while-job-searching/

However, with all the focus on managing our on-line brand, we often neglect to address some of the most impactful elements of personal branding: our interactions with others.  Every phone call, email and voice mail message makes an impression.   The manner in which we handle these seemingly casual interactions says a lot about who we are – and people notice.  And they remember.

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