Sep 14, 2010 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on More on Interview Questions

More on Interview Questions

As I mentioned in the last post, very few interview questions are ‘trick questions’.  It’s baffling then, to ask a candidate a straightforward question only to have them stumble with an answer.

The key to successful interviewing is to lock yourself in a quiet room and think through the questions you’ll be asked and think about your response.  If you are stumped, the internet is a good source of questions.

Your answers shouldn’t be memorized but you should think in bullets and expand as necessary.  Examples and stories make for great interviews.  And finally, think about your own brand and positioning–who are you?  Speak in clear, concise language and be direct.

And speak in terms of results and accomplishments–how did your work impact the company strategy, the bottom line, the positioning in the marketplace.

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