Oct 06, 2011 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on New Pressure Emerges in the Hunt for Talent

New Pressure Emerges in the Hunt for Talent


Excerpt: For months, Silicon Valley start-ups have had a tough time finding qualified employees–especially engineers. Now investors are adding to that pressure Founders who don’t have what investors consider to be a full team–or are unable to prove that they can hire one–could face extra hurdles raising money and even be denied funding, according to several investors who spoke to VentureWire.

Being able to attract talent, be decisive in your hiring decisions, and ramp up quickly are critical to a start-up’s success.  Without a great team, it’s difficult if not impossible to bring ideas to life. One of the key challenges facing start-ups is time.  Hiring execs need to carve out one day a week or dedicate a Saturday to hiring if they want to win the war for talent.

It’s obvious who the winners are going to be from where I sit.  Those who settle for the B players and general athletes aren’t winning while those who know how to bring on rock stars quickly seem to always do well.

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