Jan 20, 2009 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on Obama's Lead: Adding Value on your First Day

Obama's Lead: Adding Value on your First Day

For months now, I’ve been saying that with so few jobs open, so much scrutiny on those positions, and the financial pressure everyone is in, hiring executives can’t afford to bring in general athletes, they need to bring in very experienced talent for senior roles.  After finding the restroom, learning how to work the copier, and identifying the emergency exit, new hires better start to add value if not revenue.  Preferably before lunch on the first day of work.

I was having coffee with my partner, Mike Vanneman today, who heard my diatribe for the umpteenth time.  He shouted, “just like Obama–after the pomp and circumstance of his inauguration, he went back to the office and got some things done on his first day”.

We hear from candidates all the time that they could be up and running on a new market or a new technology within 3 months.  I believe most could.  The problem is, in this economy, most employers don’t have three months to wait for productivity.

That presents a significant challenge in finding the right talent.  It also speaks to identifying your strengths and going after segments and functions that you are a deep expert in.

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