Oct 17, 2008 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on One search at a time

One search at a time

As executive recruiters, we are constantly asked by candidates, what else are we working on that might be a fit for me?  Some candidates think of us as having a treasure chest filled with interesting opportunities.  In fact, we do have a number of searches going on in a particular geography, function or level at one time.

However, at The Pachera Group, we are careful not to take on competing searches.  We respect and value our clients too much to ‘shop’ a hot candidate to multiple companies creating a competitive situation.  It’s just not how we do search, we don’t think that’s right.

We go into our research with a goal of identifying hundreds of potential candidates for a given role and surface just the very cream of the crop to our clients.  As consultants, we’d love to re-purpose the enormous amount of research we do on any given search.  And we do from time to time but only when our client need is filled.

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