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I’m just back from a vacation in Argentina.  One of the many things that impressed me was the passion of the key players in the wine and lodging industry.  We stayed at a lodge that was built during an economic disaster in the early 2000s–  that lodge received a major accolade in Conde Nast a few years after it was built.  Today, after just about five years of being in business, it’s one of the most desired places to stay in Argentina.  The couple that had the vision has tremendous passion for what they are doing.  Seeking constant input and improvement, they are trying to think tactically about the day’s experiences and think strategically about tomorrow’s growth.  Attention to detail and customer support is everything to them.

 We visited Achaval Ferrer, a winery that’s about 10 or 11 years old.  Here’s a business, started by four guys who had a passion for wine but came out of other industries like architecture.  They partnered with a deep expert who knew how to make wine, and together their wines consistently score in the high 90s on the Wine Spectator rankings.  How did they accomplish so much in the intensely competitive world of wine?  They took risks with their vineyard, focused solely on quality, knew what they didn’t know and brought on expertise.  Passion kept their vision bold and their execution flawless.

 No matter what industry you are in, passion and talent are key to success.  One without the other is never a winning combination.

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