Aug 14, 2013 | Post by: Gwen Moore Comments Off on Hiring Managers: Phone Interview Tip #1

Hiring Managers: Phone Interview Tip #1

Hello… Is Anyone There??  

Quite often in our business the first round interview is over the phone between the hiring manager and the candidate.  Unfortunately, all too often they go awry.

One common misfortune is the hiring manager getting pulled into an urgent meeting just prior to the call.  Too often when this happens, thoughts of the candidate go out the window and they are left sitting by the phone waiting for your call.   Never a good thing!

Tip:  Ask recruiting coordinators to put their cell numbers on the meeting proposals so you can easily pull that up and text or call them about your situation.  They can then contact the candidate and manage expectations.   Candidates will understand getting pulled into a meeting; they won’t however understand being completely stood up and radio silent.

Two things to remember:  First, candidates go to a lot of trouble to hide in their cars or conference rooms in order to take your call in private.  Second, first impressions go both ways.   This one telegraphs to the candidate that you’re not interested or not respectful of others.

Hard bell to un-ring, super easy to fix!

Join us next week for Tip #2 of our 5 part series on Phone Interviews.  Our next tip will be for candidates.

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