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Recruiting Trends

More automation and AI is becoming available in recruiting and it’s pretty awful.  If you are starting to get messages that are simplistic and repetitive, a lazy recruiting firm is likely using the AI feature in LinkedIn to create a message.  It goes something like this, Hi {Name}, It’s {Recruiting Company} in search of {Your Job Title on LinkedIn}.  Your experience at {Your Current Company on LikedIn} is very relevant.

I sent myself this AI generated Inmail.  We use “LLC” to denote that we are a company with a formal business structure, carry insurance, etc, but that term is never used in casual conversations, first clue.  Second clue for anyone that’s taken a business writing class, don’t repeat yourself, edit out as many words as you can to be as concise as possible.

Hi Vikki,

Greetings from The Pachera Group, LLC! We have an exciting full-time opportunity at The Pachera Group, LLC for a Founder, Partner, Angel Investor, Coach. Your experience as a Founder, Partner, Angel Investor, Coach at The Pachera Group, LLC might be relevant for this role.

I look forward to the possibility of discussing this role in detail when you have some time next week.

Best regards,

Going on a limb here but I believe it’s particularly creepy and on the verge of stalking, when you get too weirdly personal and use inappropriate language.  Three messages this week, “I’ve been watching / following you”…

As a job seeker, it may not be well known that when you provide a resume to these ‘volume’ recruiters, they often upload them to LinkedIn.  Other recruiters using the Recruiter version of LinkedIn can’t see the details but your last role does show up in light text.

Source: Resume · Shared on 11/20/2023 by member

And LinkedIn tries to be smart and indicates the probability of you responding to my message, this candidate has a high level of interest in your role

As always, being honest and direct is in your best interests, there’s more known about us than we might imagine.

It all goes to say, be very careful who you work with whether you are entertaining a new role for yourself or you are building a team.  Your brand as a professional and your company’s brand, the employment brand is at stake.

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