Mar 06, 2012 | Post by: Gwen Moore Comments Off on Roles Not Jobs

Roles Not Jobs

Great article by Maren Hogan that is super relevant in today’s market.  Astute hiring managers understand that hot candidates seek out compelling roles where they are responsible for projects and not simply functions.  Furthermore, they understand that such a desire leads to shorter tenure or what we’ve referred to in the past as “job-hopping”.  That once feared notion is finding itself embraced more and more in markets where expertise, rather than experience, is invaluable.

While great for the employee, employers simply can’t ignore the high cost of turnover.  One way to combat that and entice top talent to stay after the project is finished – create bridges to other challenging roles, rather than hierarchical career ladders.  Understand what they want to conquer next and find, or create, that role in your organization.

From Jobs to Roles: Who We are at Work is Changing

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