Jan 26, 2011 | Post by: Paula Lerzak Comments Off on Social Media – The Power of Personal Branding

Social Media – The Power of Personal Branding

From blogs to podcasts, Twitter to YouTube and of course one must include Facebook, social media is prevalent, powerful, and certainly not just for teens.  Many companies today,  from Fortune 500 to small start-ups,  are using social media to both lure candidates to their companies, as well as keep them out.   If you have been busy building your personal online presence,  never forget that this information and content is public information and is easily accessible.   Employers today are using these tools to research prospective employees and do their homework on candidates. 

Go ahead, try this: find yourself on Pipl.  You might be surprised what’s out there!  Use social media responsibly.  Forget about adding in those photos from your Girls Weekend in Vegas for all to see, basically use good judgment.  Also, be sure to check if your Facebook photos are private or not.  Use Social Media to your advantage.  Mention memberships or affiliation with professional organizations, attach published articles you have authored, provide only content that supports your personal branding.  Lastly, don’t lag behind the social media curve.  Having personal on-line presence is important to be present yourself as current.   

Employers will continue to use these to tools to get a broader picture of  candidates to help make hiring decisions.  Make sure the power of your personal brand sends the right message.

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