Aug 30, 2011 | Post by: Gwen Moore Comments Off on Standing Out in the Crowd

Standing Out in the Crowd

Got Passion?

I recently met with a group of candidates and was reminded once again of how small things can make a huge difference to recruiters and hiring managers.   Take for example the simple way in which you show up and carry yourself.  When you’re evaluating a slate of candidates and all things are relatively equal in terms of knowledge, skill and experience, the manner in which candidates engage – or don’t engage – can make the difference in deciding who goes forward.

Passion – not over-the-top excitement, but real enthusiasm expressed about the opportunity and what you as a candidate can bring to the table to solve business problems— elevates the conversation and sets people apart.  It is seen in the eyes, they way someone leans forward when they speak, the insightful questions they ask and the vision they articulate.  I live for those moments and was fortunate to experience more than one recently!

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