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The Candidate Experience

The candidate experience from the first outreach to onboarding is critical to attracting the top talent you want, and retaining them.

Personalized outreach, while very time consuming, can be a strong differentiator. The first call with the company needs to be with someone who deeply understands the offering, the opportunity, the competitive landscape. Be sure the recruiters and the agencies you hire represent your brand well.

Too many interviewers are exclusively in the ‘buyer’ mode. Of course you are looking for a strong fit and measuring the candidate against the role, the business needs. But at the same time, everyone in the interview process should be doing some ‘selling’ as well.

Every now and then I get feedback that there was an employee with a negative attitude on the interview slate, or someone with a huge ego, off-putting to the candidate. Train your interview team for the best results, and to minimize your legal exposure as well.

When the onsite happens, the candidate probably took personal time off, hopefully spent a fair amount of time doing research and interview prep. They are a guest at your office, treat them as such.

Ensure the front desk is expecting them, offers a warm welcome, and is on top of, and apologetic, of any delays in the schedule. Running late is unavoidable sometimes, how you handle that is everything.

I remember being at Starbucks, doing some searches for the company in Seattle, when they shared how they kick off HQ interviews. It started with an elaborate, beautifully presented, 10 minute coffee tasting. At the time they ended the interview with a gift bag, some coffee, naturally, and some swag as well. You felt valued, welcomed….everyone, whether they get the job or not, should feel that way.

Following up with next steps or a rejection in a timely fashion is important as well. Be sure you express appreciation for the interest in your brand and always offer to stay in touch.

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