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The Relo

Relocation is becoming popular again. We’re seeing tech talent exit job markets that have narrowed, markets like Chicago and Toronto, to areas where there’s a talent shortage like the Bay Area.

It’s an overwhelming process for many candidates to move. For others, it’s pretty simple.  Surprisingly, some of our easiest relocations are ones that were the biggest—relocating from another country.

Sometimes you don’t know how it will play out, everything seems fine until a candidate gets overwhelmed and opts out.

Either way, as a hiring exec, a relocation will require you to do more. Think through the cost of living, what you want to spend to attract the candidate from one market to another, and just how they will fit in. Assessing how much the family, if there is one, is engaged will help you understand how much work you need to do to get everyone on board.

How the family feels, how rooted a candidate is to an area, how many times they have made a big move in the past, and their housing situation all factor into the equation.

How to help with the transition? Encouraging others in the company to welcome an employee to a new area is probably one of the best things you can do. Trying to hook them up into groups or organizations that are of interest whether that’s a school their kids may be interest in attending, a recreational group or a social group.

The extra steps will help ease the change, and that effort could help you retain the talent you need.


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