Jul 14, 2011 | Post by: Vikki Pachera Comments Off on The Time Crunch

The Time Crunch

If you are working, you’ve probably noticed that you are running to barely keep up.

That’s been the theme of the week.  I spoke to a client yesterday who was literally multitasking, speaking to two others while we tried to set up some time to chat.  Another, the same day, told me he’s just a tad ahead of getting swept up.

Candidates are in the same boat.  They may want to land a new job but are too busy with the current work to squeeze in calls–let alone prepare for interviews and be good enough in the moment to land a new job.

If you are hiring, it’s taking another 15% effort to bird dog candidates and the hiring team to keep things moving.  Without that extra effort, hiring doesn’t happen, that’s the reality.

My favorite client?  The one who gave us ‘a license to stalk her’ to bring on some talent!

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