Jun 05, 2012 | Post by: Gwen Moore Comments Off on Two Hiring Managers Walk Into a Bar…

Two Hiring Managers Walk Into a Bar…

One thrilled because her third new hire in a month starts on Monday, and the other shaking his head frustrated that he hasn’t been able to hire a single person in two months. Both offer market leading compensation, the work is with cool brands in high-growth spaces, and the organizations are similar in size and location. So what’s the difference – why is one hiring manager having more success than the other?

The answer lies in project management. The successful hiring executive approached the process like any other critical project in the organization – with a dedicated staff-level project manager, milestone plan and defined accountability beyond HR. In doing so, she found schedule slips around reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, preparing offers and closing candidates, lessened and speed to hire increased.

Every company has a defined hiring process – some more rigorous than others. The real difference here was where ownership for the outcome of that process laid. It was squarely with the hiring executive and her management team. They focused on it like achieving a revenue goal. Schedule conflicts were resolved, resources allocated to interview candidates when needed and communication with all stakeholders was constant.

If you’re looking to increase the velocity in which you hire, you might want to start by looking at how you can adjust your process to be more successful.


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