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Where Do You Stand?

Everything is becoming agile today, even meetings!   More and more leaders are taking a page out of something the military has known for a long time – by taking away the comfy chairs and requiring people to stand, meetings are more focused, ideas are fresh, and people more engaged.  Stand Up Meetings are ideal for today’s business environment where speed and agility mean everything.

The typical ‘daily scrum meeting’ is 15 minutes or less and is a practice used by leaders in companies from Microsoft to Facebook.  Stand Up Meetings are a great practice ‘in the moment’ and for traditional sit down meetings with staff and teams.  Many are finding fun and creative ways to gather the team – playing songs like “Get Up, Stand Up” to signal the huddle, and using things like standing in cold areas or passing around heavy medicine balls to further encourage speed and attention.

You can find out more about this growing trend in this WSJ article by Rachel Emma Silverman.

Meetings are Stand Up Jobs

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