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Why Utilize a Recruiting Firm

From time to time we are asked why a company should utilize a recruiting firm. Reading the headlines, you’d think there’s so many people in the job market looking, that hiring is easy. It’s not, there’s a large number of competing jobs open–Linkedin alone has over 34,000 job postings for ‘engineers’ in the San Francisco Bay Area.  And, of course, you don’t want just anyone.  All the great talent that you want has a lot of opportunity, if not a full time job, making them a passive candidate we need to recruit.

If you are a big, prestigious brand like Apple, it probably only makes sense to to engage with a search firm for a confidential search (new hire that’s unannounced or a replacement for someone in the role who isn’t cutting it) or for a specific role that you do need to tap people on the shoulder for. People flock to Apple, they have great brand recognition, and a large number of interesting roles. But if you aren’t an Apple, a recruiting firm can greatly enhance your talent acquisition.

Large Network
Recruiting firms have very, very large networks of people cultivated over years of doing similar searches. Many of our databases are in the thousands. Internal resources usually don’t have these networks. While finding the right candidate, a precise fit, a great hire is the end game, it often takes outreach to hundreds of people to find that perfect candidate, often getting referred to them.

Brand Awareness
Many of the companies we work with are unknown brands. Our ability to tell the company story, sell the opportunity, is critical in what we do. There’s always a lot of opportunity for top talent–making yours stand out above the rest takes credibility and great storytelling.  It’s personalized marketing to candidates.  Reposting your job daily isn’t marketing.

Process Management
Sometimes recruiting can feel like a sea of names, and a process with many steps. A company’s employment brand is critical to their ultimate success. You want to be known as a great place to work, a team of people who respect one another, and co-workers that are top tier. Blowing prospective candidates off by not providing timely feedback, by creating an overly complex recruiting process, by dropping the ball, will be a negative to your brand. We gather and provide candidate feedback as well, so you can tune your process. Our best partners are able to showcase their Glassdoor reviews on their career page.

We normally present candidates in 7-10 days of the start of a search. If hiring a candidate in weeks, not months, is important to the business, outside agencies who deploy a full team of people on any given search is the answer. The large outreach we can do within days is an engine that’s hard to replicate in house. We’re organized and keep the ball moving on the interview process.

Deep Insight
The Pachera Group is a unique recruiting firm in that all of our candidates come out of line management–engineering, marketing, business development, which gives us strong insight into both the hard skills and experiences required for a role but also the soft attributes of attitude and style. Our candidates are vetted before you see them, saving you time and energy.

If you want to move fast, shine a spotlight on your roles and get above the noise, and you want a great hire, consider getting some outside help on your recruiting efforts.  

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