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Your Offspring is Entering the Workforce

When spring approaches, we will undoubtedly get numerous requests from parents to help their son or daughter entered the workforce.  After spending all that money on a college education, of course parents want their child to succeed.

We offer in depth coaching for new college graduates where we review resumes, LinkedIn bios, and help them with their image, brand narrative and interviewing skills.

Unfortunately for some, waiting until the last quarter before graduation it’s simply too late.

The choices made for internships and how summer vacations were spent determines how competitive you are in the new graduate workforce.  We can’t wave a magic wand and turn a rather lame internship into something special.

However there’s many things that increase your chance of success as a new grad.

One is a clean, beautifully written and formatted resume with an accompanying LinkedIn bio.  If you’re challenged in writing skills, pay someone to write it for you.  I’m constantly reviewing resumes that have grammatical errors inconsistent capitalization, basic stuff.  It really needs to be clean, perfect and professional.

Mock interviews are essential to nailing the interview once you land it.  Do a lot of research on what to wear (often not a suit so research that), how the company is performing and the like.  Ask people who have worked there or are knowledgeable about the industry what to expect.

Finding someone in the industry that you are targeting who can provide advice on the company or a potential offer is really critical–your parents and their friends may or not be in the right position to do that for you.

Attitude, accomplishments, style and a solid brand narrative will help your son or daughter launch a great career.

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